Monday, July 21, 2008

Thanks Ginger!

I am actually doing this blog myself! Well, sort of. Ginger is sitting at my side, telling me everything to do. Gee, this is so much fun! And there is so much to tell everyone. Where shall I begin???

First, let's start with a really fun hike I went on about a month ago with David and Amy and their kids.

THIS IS A PICTURE OF THE ROAD TO H***!!!! Sure, it looks innocent enough, almost like a hike up to the top of, shall we say, Sunrise mountain? But after you

have made an impossibly steep hike up the side of a mountain, what do you see? A beautiful view? NO. Peaceful meadows with butterflies? NO? A water fountain? NO. David, Amy, Bradley, Audrey, and Mason? Sometimes. But what you always see is that road ahead of you that goes up to the real top of Sunrise Mountain. Do you see that gentle little trail behind them heading up the hill? NO? Take a better look. Yes, that's actually a road, and it climbs STRAIGHT UP THE SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN!!! What fun! The reason I am not in this photo is that I have turned an odd shade of green.

Here's one more story for this installment. Sherie and I went to houseboat in June with David and his kids. We actually had a lot of fun, even Sherie! We went on a neat hike to some caves on the far side of the lake. In the first photo you can see me with the kids in front of one of the caves.

I think what made this trip so nice is that we have moved the boat to another marina. This marina makes it much easier to get to the boat, it is much more family friendly, and it is actually on a part of the lake that is fun to use. We didn't even take the boat out on the lake, we just left it a the marina, sort of like a cabin on the lake. We just went out on the small boat. It was great!

The next photo is a view from the cave back towards the lake. Pretty, huh?

The lake is at its highest level in about 5 years. It has risen at least 20 feet since we were there in June. I am looking forward to going back. The problem is finding the time. I keep inviting everyone, but everyone is always busy and can't find the time. So if any of you (hint hint) would like to go to the lake for a few days anytime soon, please please please, let me know! We'll have fun!

The funny (ha ha) part of the trip was on the way back. Sherie was CERTAIN that there was a gas station between Page and Kanab. So off we went, with only a few gallons in the tank. You guessed it, we ran out of gas. No cell service. Fortunately David was following us, he had to drive on ahead and find the next station, about 30 miles in front of us, and return with the gas. Notice a very shy Sherie hiding behind David in this picture?

OK, that's enough blogging for one time.

Whew, that's a lot of work! I'll have to try this again some day.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

58 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

Top Reasons Why I Love Sherie (Abridged) – Reflections on Her Birthday
1 I love it when she laughs (that’s the first thing that attracted me to her)
2 She is kind to animals, children, and people with handicaps
3 She makes me more social – without her I would be a hermit
4 She keeps my eyebrows and ears plucked
5 She gave me seven beautiful children
6 She keeps in touch with our children – and occasionally she lets me know what’s going on too
7 She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen
8 (Removed due to material unsuitable for all audiences)
9 She (usually) has great taste in restaurants
10 She goes on vacations with me

11 She is very feminine
12 She is very sensitive to the Spirit
13 She has a childlike, very powerful testimony of the Gospel
14 She encourages me to do good things
15 She has confidence in me in the things that are important
16 She thinks I am smart
17 She laughs at my jokes
18 I am happy when I am with her and unhappy without her
19 She is soft
20 She is a good kisser
21 She smells nice
22 She has a positive attitude about life in general
23 She has faith in herself and in other people
24 She is a sucker for sappy chick flicks
25 She occasionally goes to guy flicks with me and even stays awake to the end of some of them
26 She has good taste when she decorates our house
27 She uses the word “cute” a lot
28 She is a great dancer, at least when Stan Parry is around
29 She has a well-massaged back
30 She doesn't snore much
31 She has well-flossed teeth
32 She is not afraid to speak her mind
33 She has a two-year supply (at least) of shoes and purses
34 She holds the world’s record for number of airline flights almost but not quite missed
35 When she accepts a job, she sees it through
36 She is fun to cuddle with
37 She is fluent at saying “Hola Isabel, como estas?”
38 She actually rolled her “r’s” once
39 She has an uncanny sense of direction
40 She sometimes lets me pretend I am boss
41 She loves our houseboat
42 She enjoys helping other people
43 She is well-prepared if there is ever a Beanie Baby shortage
44 She lets me park my car in the garage
45 She doesn't complain when I spill vanilla steamers on her
46 She is never dull – she keeps my life very interesting
47 She loves cooking – she can watch other people doing it on TV for hours
48 She only flirts with strange guys on beaches when she is mad at me
49 She scratches my back when I ask her

50 She is a talented zit picker
51 She spoils our grandchildren
52 She is a great holistic (quack) doctor, and lots of times her treatments actually work!
53 She loves to meet and talk with new people
54 She is able to laugh at herself
55 She has significantly cut back on her table dancing career
56 She usually takes her rollers out before going to church
57 I love looking into her beautiful green eyes
58 And – last but far from least – she loves me too


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going to Hawaii and They'll Never Remember a Thing!

Okay, I'm hoping that by posting something on Dad's blog, it will give him a little boost to get something on here. Also, any of you all who also want to post something, feel free to do so.

And now without further ado I present...............A POST!!!!

Reese posing all in pink

This is adorable

Reese & Charlie at a photo op

Reese enjoying the ocean view

Two sleepyheads


Charlie trying to walk (I love how he purses his mouth)

Dad & Reese tripping the light fantastic

Reese and some homeless woman she found feeding the "ducks"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My First Blog

This is my first blog!!! Thanks Ginger and Rachel! Stand by for a lot of really neat new additions in this space!